Hardsignal Recordings (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hardsignal Recordings is a Toronto, Canada-based, underground dance music label. Our music is all about the peak hour: pounding, aggressive music that get dance floors up and moving. Our philosophy rests on delivering high-quality, exciting, innovative techno on a consistent basis.

Our Sound
Though we do not consider ourselves genre-specific, our music is primarily based on a sound fusing funky club style elements with hard, minimal, looping Techno. By adding soul to a hard Techno foundation, we seek to produce a distinct sound, a new generation of techno productions that blend the emotion and dance ability of a floor-friendly club style with the drive and power of Hard Techno, a sound that is currently championed by the likes of Glenn Wilson, Mark EG, Lars Klein, Carl Max, etc.

Our Philosophy
This label was founded by individuals that share a common passion for the music and that have traveled far and wide to learn about the music and the scene. Places where we have left our mark include: Brazil, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Montreal, Toronto, London, Madrid, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, Netherlands and many others.

After years of celebrating the music , we now seek to make our contribution. With over 10 years of involvement on the scene, serious musical knowledge, and extensive business experience. We plan on producing quality, pumping dance music for a long time and devastating many dance floors along the way.